With no discredit to all the great tech conferences in Europe, including Le Web, SIME, MMF, Google and Zeitgeist – DLD is simply the best. DLD is fun, a perfect combination of content, networking and entertainment. You have to give credit to the Germans. They are the best organized people in Europe. And, it shows in this event where every single detail seems to be thought out – from the custom made espressi to the Mercedes 450HP that take you around everywhere you want to go. Flawless.

So here are some pictures from my conversation with Rene Oberman CEO of DT and of the Hispanic Internet Panel that I moderated (the links contain the live blogging that went on)

And here´s a simple video that I made with some moments. The end at the speaker´s lounge in which Joichi Ito, David Kirkpatrick, Mark Zuckerberg and my son Tom appear is in Spanish

Here´s a Valleywag article on Skipping Davos that I found interesting. Other years most in the DLD crowd went straight to Davos, this year some went home or headed for TED.

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frank on January 28, 2009  · 

a C63 ? really?

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