In this video I interview David Karp, co founder of Tumblr. Now you have probably heard about the MBA drop out who goes out and starts a company, you have probably also heard about the college drop out who goes out and starts a company, now how about the high school drop out who leaves to start his company and then by the time he´s 21 he is on to his second start up: Tumblr. So what´s Tumblr? How about WordPress meets Netvibes, meets Facebook, meets Twitter and they all get along? Tumblr is….well…it´s Tumblr and there´s nothing like it. You can see my Tumblr here. If you follow that site you will see feeds every time I post in my blog, or I post videos, or I post pictures on Flickr. It´s like a Netvibes of my own production.  And here is David´s.


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