Aphrodite is being painted right now in Barcelona. Assuming it all goes well she will leave Barcelona Nov 1st and be in Barbados around Dec 10th. Stops will be Gibraltar and Canaries a day each for provisioning. Last time Aphrodite did Canaries, Barbados in only 12 days. I am not doing the crossing myself but I am putting together a crew to do it. Nina and I will sail around St Barths between Dec 15th and Dec 28th. So far I have one professional sailor who has been on Aphrodite for a year. His name is Hernan Prado. This is a good blog post of his in Spanish describing his experience on Aphrodite. So I am recruiting 4 or 5 more crew members who can stay a minimum of 45 days and more if possible. I pay for all the expenses. Amateur crew members have to pay their transportation to Aphrodite and from Aphrodite when they disembark, that´s all. I already tweeted this and got many proposals of which two look like candidates who qualify and who are available. There is also the possibility of doing the return in April.

Here are some pictures of 92ft Ketch Aphrodite designed by Andre Hoek and built by Vitters.

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