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Marko Ahtisaari is a remarkable Finnish tech entrepreneur who I have known for many years. As you might have heard in this blog, Nokia just acquired Dopplr where Marko was CEO and I was an investor. Now I have more good news about him, Marko has just been named the new head of design at Nokia.

Let me give you some background about Marko because his bio deserves a post in itself. Marko was raised in Helsinki, Dar es Salaam and New York. He studied economics, philosophy and musical composition at Columbia University and later lectured there in logic, philosophy of economics and the history of thought. Marko serves on the board of F-Secure, Newsmill, Artek and WITNESS and is an advisor to our dear Fon. Marko was also one of the Blyk cofounders as well as a founder and CEO of Dopplr. He received a Grammy Showcase Award. His father is a former UN diplomat, president of Finland and the recipient of the 2008 Nobel Peace prize.

Now as a Nokia shareholder I count on my friend Marko to help Nokia where Nokia needs most help and that is usability. Nokia makes great smartphones but while they have some of the best hardware in the world they fall behind in ease of use. My own current ranking would be this. I rank iPhone and Blackerry tied ahead of the pack, then Android, then Nokia and Windows Mobile goes last.

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