Al Gore spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative. His main argument was that Hurricane Katrina proved two things: firstly, that global warming is creating stronger storms; secondly, that government has an essential role to play in preventing and/or alleviating these types of tragedies. Al Gore spoke with tremendous emotion, uncharacteristic of him during his candidacy. How he has transformed! He says that the United States is to blame not only for being the greatest polluter of the planet but for being the country doing the least to change. He is asking for a transformation of the American Economy. He believes that Katrina is the first taste from a bitter cup that will be forced to taste from again, and again and again. He urges the US Government to act. He says that this is a legitimate and necessary role for the government to assume.


Scientists are skeptical by nature, and there´s controversy on some of the models, but nowadays all scientists agree that there is an unmistakable human fingerprint in the data that is coming up from global warming measures. Everyone agrees that CO2 emmisions raise temperatures.

“We have everything we need to cope with the problem of global warming, except maybe political will, but fortunately for us, political will is a renewable resource,” Al Gore.

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