Met Christina Domecq for the first time this morning in London. We met at the lounge of One Aldwych, one of my favorite hotels in that city. Must say I was impressed by her company Spinvox and by her.

Spinvox is the leader in the speech to text conversion space. Basically, what Spinvox does is save you the time to listen to voicemail as all voicemails. It uses speech recognition that works (yes, it works, I tested it with my weird accent), and it converts messages that you live to e mails that the person receives. And, just in case there´s a problem with the conversion, you get the original voicemail as well.

As far as Christina is concerned I was super impressed by her. She´s one of the best Spanish young entrepreneurs I met and certainly the best woman Spanish entrepreneur I ever met. She founded Spinvox 3 years ago, raised 25 million pounds, has 150 employees working for her –mostly programmers– and her service is booming with over 120K paying subscribers. Spinvox should break even in mid 2007. Genial Christina!

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