This morning I discovered two curious web sites. Both intriguing but for different reasons. One is about censorship, the other about orgasms. I start with the censorship site. It´s called the Great Firewall of China and it is a site that when you put a URL it tells you if it´s being censored in China. The problem with it though is that I put Fon and it did appeared as censored but we have already quite a few foneros in China and have not seen reports of blocked access so maybe the site is not correct.

Now let´s go on to orgasm or Global Orgasms in this case. This unusual NGO advocates that if we all have sex at the same time something good will happen to the planet. Personally I believe the first part of the proposition but not the second one. I do believe that if I have an orgasm something good will happen to me and hopefully to my wife as well. But from the Web 2.0 user generated content aspect of the proposition, well, it´s still not…obvious.

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