If Kant said that you should lead your life thinking that if your behavior was adopted by all, society would continue to function normally, I would say that the new Categorical Imperative in a world of social media should be “live your life as if it was always publicly exposed”

Yes there is privacy and there are some intimate moments that most would appreciate that you keep private.  But there are some actions that are so obviously wrong should they be exposed that they are simply unethical. And thinking of social media is a good way to judge if anything was right or wrong. Something like, could I live with a video in Youtube of me at this moment? Or could this be a photo in my timeline? Or could somebody Tweet about me right now? Or could somebody write a Tumblr post about whatever it is that I am doing. That should be enough to help you decide if what you are doing is right or wrong.

As far as I am concerned I live my life as if my email was perennially hacked. Because sooner or later, it will be 🙂

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