As you can see in these 62 different articles gathered by Google News, BT, Fon´s exclusive partner in the UK, won access to all Starbucks locations (more than 650 Starbucks coffeehouses in the UK and Ireland). Unfortunately this does not mean free access to all foneros around the world for wifi at Starbucks UK, but it does mean free access for Foneros who are also BT Broadband customers. And for the rest, we are working on a lower Fonero discount. We will keep you informed. We also wanted UK foneros to know that we are trying to see how we can legally sell the Fonera 2.0 in the UK.

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Un fonero mas on April 23, 2009  · 


Today I tried the 30 minute free wifi access given by Macdonald’s (in association with Telefonica) in Madrid. They give you a coupon with your meal where you get a code and then you enter it in their captive portal.

This system fits Fon’s tecnology like a glove. Why not joining their competitors (BK) and make their restaurants become fon spots? You see, hundreds of kids and teens whose parents pay at home for their broadband access, allowing their kids to play PSP or Nintendo DS online with their classmates on saturday noon when they gather at those kind of places.
Moreover, BK (or any other chain) may include their ads in the wifi-ad video.

Finding Fon Spots at that public places would boost up Fon’s growth since a lot of people would know about it if they didn’t.

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Simon on April 24, 2009  · 

When you say, “legally sell the Fonera 2.0 in the UK”, why is it illegal to sell the Fonera 2.0 in the UK but not the older version? Thanks.

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Martin Varsavsky on April 24, 2009  · 

The UK has some unique laws in Europe concerning WiFi that we must comply with and it will take us time to get those approvals.

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