This week I had the priviledge of having David Sifry from Technorati staying at my home and helping me as CEO of Fon with a bunch of great ideas on how to make our services better and easier to use.  While we were working on Fon and looking at different advertising models (Fon´s revenues come from selling services to non foneros or non wifi donors partly with advertising) we came across Viddler and we both were very positively impressed.   Yes, I know you may say that Viddler will turn all videobloggers into infomercial machines but men does not live off the internet alone.  I hope my friend Loic Lemeur adopts a similar model for Seesmic, his new video start up.  I love the way that Viddler mixes contextual advertising with people´s comments making you want to read the video timeline.

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