Om Malik and Michael Arrington
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On an average day this week around 6000 people visited my Spanish blog and 1200 people visited my English blog. But on those same days I sent around 11,000 RSS feeds in Spanish and 5300 in English. If you are a blogger like me who is only out there to disseminate ideas, you don´t advertise, then you don´t really care about how people read your content, and RSS is a plus. But if like Om Malik or Michael Arrington you have to make a living out of blogging RSS can be pretty bad for you. Yes there are feeds with advertising but they are probably even less efficient than advertising itself. I once debated Michael Porter at Davos on the overall value creation of the internet. I argued that the internet created valued and he argued that the internet destroyed value. Examples like RSS vs blogging show that the issue is still not solved. So far the internet is clearly taking value away from old media industries such as newspapers, the recording industry, the movie industry, and it is not clear that similar value is being created. I wonder if there is a recent study of the overall value creation/destruction of the internet in the last 5 years that could settle this issue.

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