Today, by mistake, I published the Somalia and Twitxr posts in my Spanish blog as well. As I did not want to erase them I left them there. And soon I had more comments on them than in my English posts. To me blog writing is a give an take and while I am not going to say that I am interested in all comments in my blog I am interested in enough of them to read them and truly appreciate them. Still there´s a mystery that I can´t solve. Why is it that my Spanish blog has 3 times the readership but 20 times the number of comments? Maybe I should publish my English posts both in English and Spanish since I get more comments and readers. Probably half of my Spanish readers speak English and I don´t like to translate my posts. Once a Spanish reader told me that he was surprised that such few people read me in English. What surprises me instead is that so many read it and such few comment on what they read.

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