This morning the leading newspaper in the Basque region of Spain, El Correo, was bombed by the terrorist group ETA. When the attack took place around 50 newspaper employees were at work. Fortunately nobody was killed and the internet edition is online as usual. Regardless of what the aims of ETA may be, all democratic forces in the world can agree that bombing newspapers is not an acceptable way to achieve any political objective. As a result I have started a bloggers campaign to show support to all the journalists of El Correo. The objective of this campaign is to send traffic to El Correo so the journalists at El Correo have today, the day of the attack as the most visited day to their web site. I encouraged all bloggers from around the world to do the same regardless of whether they understand Spanish or not and show our support for this courageous journalists and all other workers of El Correo. We call this campaign Visitas contra las Bombas (visits against bombings).

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Monty Metzger on June 9, 2008  · 

Martin, Great Idea !
I will also support and spread it.


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