I am not in favor of bailing out all 3 of the Big 3 auto makers. Saving 2 out of three makes more sense. Still it annoys me to see than in USA people can feel more sorry about a Goldman Sachs partner than a GM autoworker.

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MJ on December 13, 2008  · 

Courtesy of Hans Peter


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Martin Varsavsky on December 13, 2008  · 

@ MJ:

I love it!

formero on December 13, 2008  · 

Whats your opinion about Madoff? One of your friends we suppose?

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Dan on December 13, 2008  · 

Ford’s enough of a bailout. What did the others want?

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Stephen G on December 14, 2008  · 

A million lost their jobs in the past three months, bringing the total unemployed to 10.3 million. The government cannot put money into every business that is going to fail.

Yes, Paulson (former Goldman Sachs CEO) and helicopter Ben suckered congress into accepting the TARP before the public would realize it was throwing good money after bad. But that doesn’t mean you burn the remaining assets because precedent has been set!

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Lasse Enersen on December 14, 2008  · 

If a government takes taxpayers money (via taxes of inflation) and puts it in car companies pockets “to save jobs”, it takes away the power from the people to use their own money to create jobs somewhere else. Saving companies which do bad business is not capitalism. Period.

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