In 2005 around 2000 different people per day read my blogs in Spanish and English.  Now around 15000 people do.  In 2005 everyone who read my blog, actually read my blog.  Now around 5000 really read my blog, around 10,000 get the feeds of different kind that I supply and I don´t really know if they read my blog.  Also my new blog design and all the new features I have are lost to all on RSS readers.  These visitors probably only read a portion of what I write highlighting it in their Netvibes or iGoogle.  Now how can I complain if I do the same with other blogs in my favorite RSS reader?

In the future, should us bloggers just write feeds, forget about design and not even bother writing beyond the portion of the article that normally gets highlighted by a cursor?  Is our attention span going down to that?  I know mine is, and I am worried.

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