I hope the censors at Youtube who freak out when they see some nudity leave this ad because whatever you may think of it, it is worth seeing.

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Amine on September 8, 2009  · 

Video removed already, but I saw it on other hosting networks.
Very good at the first glance, gripping and striking ad!
But there is one thing bothering me:
– We can protect ourselves from Aids (condoms!), we know it exists and there is a way to avoid having it
– Jews were the primary victims of Hitler during the second world war, they had no choice about it, and almost no effective way to protect themselves from the holocaust.
This is the main reason why I find this somehow embarrassing.

But yes, it strikes!

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Santiago Lizardo on September 9, 2009  · 

I must be made in the old fashion, but I found the video somehow porn.
Unnecessarily explicit. IMHO.

(I’m from south america, for the statistics.)

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Martin Varsavsky on September 9, 2009  · 

But we are talking about AIDS prevention, it is hard not to be effective without talking about sex. As questionable as the video is it is much more memorable than other campaigns for the promotion of condoms. An infected person having unprotected sex is passing on death. The campaign btw has many more ads, this is one of them.

steven on September 9, 2009  · 

* you can get it also by blood transfusion if not screened good enough.
* aids/Hiv is not so “deadly” anymore “in the United States and Canada, it looks as though people with HIV are living long enough to die from causes other than AIDS. “

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Benelukso on September 9, 2009  · 

Do Twitter and Blogs Really Drive product sales?

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