At the Menorca TechTalk this year we had some remarkable guests such as Hiroshi Mikitani, from the remarkably successful Rakuten of Japan, who explained to us why he is on a shopping spree in USA and Europe (recently acquired and PriceMinister), and  Arthur Sulzberger CEO of the New York Times – my favorite newspaper and news source in the world – who was particularly fun and insightful to be with. As a music fan (I named one of the companies I started Jazztel), my favorite guest was Ulf Ekberg from Ace of Base. In this video, you get to hear some excerpts of Ace of Base’s new album. It is only a few seconds for obvious reasons (copyright). But you can get a sense of how great the new songs are. Very Ace of Base, and yet, very new.

Here’s a video in which the participants at the Menorca TechTalk debate how to name the new Ace of Base hit:

And here are some pictures of the Menorca TechTalk that Nina Varsavsky, my wife, and I took:

And here are some pictures that some great friends who love photography took: Rodrigo Sepulveda, Demian Bellumio and others. Thank you for the great pictures!

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