Nina and I got married for the simple reason that after being together over 2 years we love each other more than ever.

But we got married in Hawaii, a place that is so far away from our home in Madrid, thanks to the help of friends who we would like to thank after last night´s wonderful ceremony: Michael Dell and Marc and Lynne Benioff.

We would like to thank Michael for suggesting a few weeks ago in Sun Valley, that we change our original plans of getting married in NYC for a wedding at the most beautiful hotel in the world, the Four Seasons Hualalai. We would like to thank Michael and his incredibly attentive staff who helped us put the wedding together, with very little notice and yet paying attention to every detail. They are not only great, they are sensitive something that is not common in hotel staff. At the Hualalai we would especially like to thank Scott Cairns, Patrick Fitzgerald and KJ Rhee. I would like to thank Jim Major for lending me his bike 🙂

But concerning the wedding itself the ceremony would not have been the same without Marc and Lynne. Not only were they kind enough to be our witnesses but they hosted the most amazing dinner of our lives together last night at the Kukio.

In short thanks to Michael and his team and Marc and Lynne, a wedding that was going to be basically about a couple eloping and getting married at the beach, turned out to be just perfect. Unexpectedly all the key elements of a wedding were there one after the other. The photographer (the pictures below are mine although his are coming soon), the music during dinner, the Hawaiian symbolism during the ceremony. Marc and Lynne paid attention to every detail and made the event wonderfully complete.

We would also like to thank Keoni Atkinson, the officiant who married us in the Hawaiian tradition and who exceeded anything we could have imagined about making our wedding by the ocean special. Keoni understood us very well after an afternoon meeting and was able to summarize a great deal about how Nina and I feel about each other.

As we spend our last two nights here, now married, we remember last night´s ceremony with a great deal of love for all of those who made it happen.


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Beldar on July 24, 2009  · 

Looks like Hawaii was better than you expected after all 🙂

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Fede on July 24, 2009  · 

Martin and Nina:
Looks like you had more than a wedding ceremony, to me that looks like a dream come true!! Congratulations again!!.

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Paul RODTS on July 24, 2009  · 

Mister Martin, you make us jealous with those pictures….


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Ronnie Sullivan on July 29, 2009  · 

Great Post … after such a long time read a beautiful post .
Good work

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Norberto on August 6, 2009  · 

Felicidades Martin.
Me hizo acordar a mi boda, yo me case tambien en la playa….
Espero que tengas un matrimonio como el mio feliz y duradero…….

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