This was an unplanned interview by Michael Arrington that precipitated the PeekFON announcement.

This is a more extensive interview on Fon

This is an audio interview that was done by Jennifer Lindsay using a very interesting tool for the iPhone known as Cinch.

Interview here

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Hernan on December 12, 2009  · 

Hey Martin, I just downloaded this Cinch app 4 iPhone but it seams to be an audio recorder app only, not video, why you said the journalist used this app to share the interview?

Un saludo desde Maschwitz!

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Hernan on December 12, 2009  · 

Ops, sorry, I didnt see the last link to the audio only interview 🙂

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ddluk on December 12, 2009  · 

Could you look Martin to that post on fonosfera blog and read the whole discussion which takes place there. Maybe you can answer the question – When we can expect the stable, working version on firmware to Fonera 2.0 G with all options that Fonera 2.0 N have ??

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samygo on December 13, 2009  · 

Hi Martin,
Will it be available with azerty keyboard ?

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