FON will introduce the Fontennas in early May (we still don’t have the exact date). I have personally tested the Fontennas and my estimate is that they increase the effective range of the La Foneras by a factor of 5 to 10 (think that range in the 3D world of our cities is 3 dimensional). I tested the La Foneras in the Place des Vosges in Paris where we have an apartment. With a La Fonera I could cover 1/8 of the park while with the Fontenna I could 7/8 of it (areas with trees interfered with the signal). In this video I show the Fontennas for the first time. Fontennas will probably sell for 9,95 plus shipping, but we will probably give them away for free or for only the shipping to all of those Foneros who have shown that they keep their La Foneras on over time. We will make these decisions shortly.

Last minute update. A Fon team just came back from testing the Fonera that is in my window and they could get signal from 450m and connect from 370m. Clearly the Fontenna ads a whole new dimension to the Fon Movement.

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