If you live in USA and want to join FON, today is your lucky day. Today is FON´s birthday numero uno and if you click here you don´t pay NADA to get your Fonera (FON´s wifi router). We already have 18,000 Foneras ordered in the States and we are on our way to becoming the largest WiFi network America.

We already are the largest WiFi network in many countries including Japan, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, Italy and other countries that you may want to visit and roam for free. You can check out in our maps to see if there are other FONeros in your town.

Join FON and stop begging for WiFi. Share some extra bandwidth at home and roam the world for free. FON is the secure way to build a global WiFi network. If you are not a DSL or Cable customer pls do not order a Fonera, first call your local DSL or Cable company to sign up for broadband and then sign up for FON.

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