Today we’re launching new Community tools!!! Starting this morning, you can stop by the FON Maps (that look great) and send messages to Foneros anywhere in the world, search for bars, restaurants and other FON Spots in your favorite neighborhood, and personalize more of the information you wish to share with other Foneros.

The FON Team has spent the past few months developing and refining FON Community tools to make sharing WiFi more interactive and community-based. The new and improved tools include a messaging system, our redesigned FON Maps, and an improved User Zone (now called “My FON”) with personalized features.


This is great news for all of the Foneros out there who want to be able to use WiFi and their FON Spots to communicate, to tell others about their neighbourhoods and themselves, and to learn about the best places to visit when on the go and about the Foneros who are sharing their bandwidth with them.

The messaging system allows you to communicate with other Foneros, including those who connect to your FON Spot, the owners of FON Spots you connect to, and your friends who are also Foneros. You can also personalize your profile in the My FON area with a personalized image or photo, and your nickname and image will appear with your FON Spot on the FON Maps.

For the FON Maps, we have defined new filters to refine your searches and have improved the download speed to make finding WiFi quicker and easier. You can even use the messaging tool with the new FON Maps. So if you’re visiting Madrid, for example, you can contact local Foneros Madrid to get WiFi recommendations.

Finally, we have also redesigned the User Zone so that it is now easier to find the new Community tools, such as My Travel Log or My Visits. Go ahead and log into your “My FON” (formerly User Zone) to take a look at these new features and enjoy the new FON for yourself!!

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