I apologize for the high shipping charges we have to some European countries. We are working on reducing those.

I apologize to all of those who want to be FONeros in Asia and still can´t get the routers for $5/€5. What happened is that we alocated a certain amount of routers to Asia, started selling them in Korea and sold so many that we simply ran out. My apologies and do expect social routers in many places in Asia subsidized by FON as soon as Accton, our manufacturing partners, can deliver them which I estimate will be in mid August.

I apologize for early FONeros who are having to reflash their routers. New versions of our software can be udpated from FON, so those problems should be over to new buyers, but my apologies to early FONeros trying our early beta versions.

I apologize to those who have trouble getting help from FON. We build a company to be the largest WiFi network in the world by year end (around 25K foneros) and not over 60K now. We are doing what we can, but we apologize.

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killy-the-frog on July 1, 2006  · 

Hello !
I understand that FON have some problems because everything is going very fast, hope you can continue to see what are the probleme (just check the forum) and solve them (it is true that the shipping charge are way too high… better send in a way so that the router need 3 days more to arrive, but the shipping cost are two or tree time less).

Good luck for all!
I will buy a FON router as soon as we can get one for cheap in China 😉

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Tom on July 4, 2006  · 


I hope support will be improved dramatically. Yet, you don´t get any response when writing to unsubscribe@fon.com that you don´t agree with the new T&Cs. (I didn´t get a response since 7 days or so).

Noone of FON staff (an official) seems to read FON own´s forum or even posts there to answer questions.

FON maps are not updated since weeks.

I can imagine that you have a lot to do but all these points don´t amuse a lot of FONeros.


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killy-the-frog on July 4, 2006  · 

To inform you, lot of people complain in the English Forum (and also in the French one) because some emails sent to support@fon.com never get any reply, and because nobody from FON surf on the forum to reply to the questions and to delete the Spam… I think that if you define yourself as a movment of user, it is important to read the forums to see the problems and the expectations of these users…

Thank a lot, and good luck for All !

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Martín Varsavsky on July 4, 2006  · 


We are getting more people to answer the fora, I am sorry about this.


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