At FON, we are building both the largest WiFi community in the world and a global community of people who share WiFi. But the question here more than sharing WiFi, it is whether there is anything else that this Community’s members have in common? FON believes there is. The CON Community has two main attributes that FON will work to meet. One is sharing and the other is a love of technology. FON has addressed sharing with the La Fonera which is our WiFi router, the instrument for sharing that allows you to pay at home and roam the world for free. But lately we have also been introducing tools to make the life of the Fonero easier. These are: Gspace, the tool that allows Foneros to store their files/documents on the internet in the form of Gmail which is already used by over half a million people, and the Mac and Linux FONspots, introduced last week which has over 4000 downloads so far. And today I am pleased to introduce two more: the Gmail Uploader and

Gmail Uploader
addresses one of the biggest drawbacks of Gmail and that Gmail, like your girlfriend/boyfriend seems to want to believe that you have no past. Gmail starts from scratch offering you no way to import old emails to Gmail. So here it is Gmail Uploader to solve that problem so you can now search both your past and your present.

And FON Get Simple, or, blends TinyURL with your own need to have MEMORABLE URLS. Try and see. is great for youtube videos or any videos, for maps, for songs, torrents, any type of long link that not only you want to simplify like tinyurl does ( is 5 letters and is 10 letters) but you want to TAG to remember.

So enjoy!

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