The FON model works!!! Our strategy to make FON expand quickly throughout Europe and enable people who share their bandwidth to connect their wireless devices everywhere for free is picking up steam.

One aspect of this strategy is to blog the idea, so when the software is online next week in “Linus version”, Linuses can download the software and start sharing their bandwidth between eachother. We already have 1500 subscribed users for next week’s launch. The other aspect is to start making deals with ADSL operators. Like I said before, we’re close to an agreement with Jazztel.

In Sweden, I made two oral agreements that we hope to sign in less than a month with Glocalnet and Labs2. Telia is the Telefonica of Sweden and Glocalnet is Telia’s largest ADSL competitor while Labs2 is Telia’s largest competitor in fiber-optic access. These two companies together sell around 8500 bandwidth connections a month. The deal with them is incredibly simple: we give Glocalnet and Labs2 the exclusive right to sell ADSL and fiber optic access with FON Inside and they agree that all their WiFi sales have FON Inside.

The great thing about this is that nobody pays anyone. These companies like FON because they will tell their clients “With Telia, you pay 30 euros a month and have internet at home. With Glocalnet, you pay 30 euros a month and you have internet at home, and you can also have it at your neighbour’s house, in your city and in the whole of Europe.”

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Fredrik on November 15, 2005  · 

I’m sorry to sound negative but your post is a bit misleading: Glocalnet is a very player in the broadband market (and leader in number of complaints filed against them) and Labs2 is only active in a select few places.

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Martin on November 15, 2005  · 

Jazztel, the company I built, is also a leader in complaints. But it is a leader in new installs as well. The more you work the more mistakes you make, sad but true.

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Mandy Lea on December 24, 2006  · 

Jazztel’s reputation for appalling service and commercial sharp practices in Spain is now common knowledge. It is difficult to take a company seriously that fails to deliver the goods and which threatens credit blacklisting to stop customers rescinding contracts. Add to this the farrago of lies by the company’s call center staff, the innumerable user complaints lodged with Spain’s telecommunications industry regulator, and scathing articles on Jazztel in the national newspapers (El Pais and La Vanguardia) and you get a taste of what this company is all about.

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