Here´s an idea that a FONero from Canada, Raúl San Martín, sent me.

Routers are just little computers that direct or “route” your data and messages to their destinations on the Internet. Just like your desktop PC, routers have RAM, disks (flash memory), and a processor (CPU). Just like your PC, routers can run small computer programs. With eventually 1 million FON routers deployed we will have a lot of collective computational power that could solve large complex problems, if these can be broken into millions of smaller problems. This distributed computing approach is used today for scientific research, to find the cure of diseases, influenza vaccines, cancer drugs, leukemia, Alzheimer, for climate prediction, to find celestial bodies, simulation, financial analysis, and so on.

Imagine 1 million routers x 8h/day crunching numbers when the routers are idle. That is roughly equivalent to a computer running at 100,000 GigaHertz. Could we all contribute to mankind without even turning our PC’s on? The FON user would be able to select a favourite cause or problem to solve through the router’s GUI, the router will then automatically download the appropriate software agent and run it when the router is idle.

We will have an amazing computational power with FON waiting to be exploited, it costs almost nothing and would require no effort or installation from the user.

Saving lives with P2P

D2OL (The Rothberg Institute) is downloadable software to find drugs for a number of diseases, and they want it running on TIVOs and on Xboxes.

They have current statistics about each drug being tested and on the top users/top teams (most calculations done):

Alzheimer distributed computing

Developing an influenza vaccine

Cancer and leukemia

Anthrax, smallpox

Climate prediction, finding planets and new celestial objects

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