People have been wondering who is behind FON’s software and systems development. Well, I’d like to introduce our outsourcing company, Kynetia, one of those Spanish companies that are doing so well around the world thanks to their creativity, know-how and incredibly talented staff.

Kynetia, led by Jorge Pascual, is working on the FON download (that will be ready for the SIMO fair in Madrid on November 15) as well as on the FON systems (that, as I’ve already mentioned earlier, will be operational for Linuses first). Speaking of which, who could have thought of a better newcomer to the FON movement than Juantomas Garcia – president of Hispalinux. Today, we had a long meeting with Juantomas, who is not only a brilliant individual but is someone brimming with great ideas. He knows a lot about security and he’s making sure that FON will be as secure as possible.

I’ll also use this opportunity to welcome Teófilo, who will join the FON crew next week. Teofilo wrote me not too long ago and I was very impressed by his presentation, and more particularly, by his blog. Nowadays, your blog is your best CV. We invited him to join us and he’s moving from Sevilla to work with us.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Fabiana Paredes from Romero Victorica, Argentina, who is behind FON’s corporate image. She and her team, who are thousands of kilometers away, are doing an amazing job of capturing and conveying the FON spirit.

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