In this picture you can see the way that foneros in Taiwan are installing the Fontennas. This achieves maximum street coverage.


Yesterday I found out the sad news that Earthlink pulled out of the Google Muni WiFi project. While that is bad I am glad that Google has given us so much support, because rather than Muni WiFi I believe it′s best to let citizens use their creativity to achieve coverage. While Fon has been successful working with some municipalities we have achieved most coverage working with citizens directly or with NGOs.

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Simon on September 3, 2007  · 

Very creative 😀

Maybe you should sell/include sticks like that.
Not sure how much they help, I basically know nothing about WiFi, but if give just 10-20m of extra coverage, it could give 2 foneras the same value as 3(guessed numbers, but I think you get my point).
In large cities it could make a big difference.

But thumbs up to the Taiwan guy for creativity 😀

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andres on September 4, 2007  · 

Foniatras, call them Foniatras on Fontianeros Martin.
Doctors in Fontanery

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limit on September 6, 2007  · 

I am this Taiwanese Foneros.
I’m so happy to see this blog article.

I think more wifi coverage would more userage.
but, I am wrong.
until this day, nobody connect my fon_AP.

How to get more people to connect my fon_AP???

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Martin on September 13, 2007  · 

Martin, do you think we can even increase more the wireless signal with something like this:
PheeNet IPA-11G/0.5W, Wireless Amplifier

I would like to become a fonero but I’m just to far away from where all the people stays (And old Matadero now converted in cinema and bars here in Palma de Mallorca called S’Escorxador MAP: )
So I was thinking if there is some way to increase the signal even more.

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Andrew on October 7, 2007  · 

Limit: it’s just pure luck if you’re in the right area. There seem to be two main sources of consistent connections:

1) Busy and wealthy public areas, particular parks or outdoor cafes, in city centres. Rich coffeehouse crowds don’t seem to mind paying regularly for wifi.
2) Areas with lots of rented accomodation, particularly students. Buying maybe 10-15 daypasses a month is not that expensive if you can’t get a 12 month cable/adsl contract.

If the locals are all owners, they’ll probably have their own internet connections.

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