I present FON twice a week on the average around the world. In the last weeks it was Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Finland. In Helsinki I ran into one of the best looking foneras, Anina who picked up on my beggar story in her blog.

What happens to me is that I get bored with myself if I tell the FON story the same way in every place, so being in Finland I figured I could express myself with more freedom than in other countries. And it was there that my presentation centered around two themes: Stop being a wanker and share your WiFi using FON’s social router and stop being rich at home and a WiFi beggar everywhere else, join Fon and travel with your WiFi signal. It worked and we are getting many foneros in Finland.

Personally, I love Europe for presentations. Somehow, for different reasons, in America and Asia I am concerned about offending people. In America sex is offensive. Yes they produce South Park and Family Guy but, somehow when I speak in America many times I have the feeling that I don´t run into the people who make those cartoons. In Asia I simply don´t know very well what can be offensive, so I am much more careful with humor. The biggest paradox was Korea. The crowd was poker faced and I thought they were totally bored with FON. And then they bought so many routers that they depleted our global supply!

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