Rebecca Buckman from the Wall Street Journal wrote an article on today´s WSJ in which she questions the validity of FON´s advisory board members comments on their blogs about FON. I think Rebecca is right in one point and wrong in another one. Rebecca Buckman is right in saying that readers who go over comments written by a blogger who is also an advisory board member of FON should be warned that these comments are coming from people associated with the company. But Rebecca is wrong in saying that these warnings had not been made. I for example have been frequently blogging about each of the advisory board members and all of them individually had blogged about their involvement with Fon. There was no secret there and Rebecca should have researched this more thoroughly. And in any case having spoken with Rebecca quite a few times my take on this is that Rebecca, representing old media found it tough to accept that the announcement of the FON funding deal first came out on my blog and then in her paper the venerable WSJ. Sorry Rebecca but part of the appeal of FON, other than its service is that we are a blogged company and in any case I would not have announced the FON deal in a publication that requires its readers to pay to access its content on the internet. Other than that I would like to say that I love the new format of the WSJ in Europe. It´s so much easier to carry and to read than the old one!

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Hernan Streeter on February 11, 2006  · 

Congratulations! I wish you the best.

You have made a crystal clear explanation. Now, who will subsidize the GSM+WiFi phone set? Mobile operators, ISPs or WiMax newcomers?

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Hernan Streeter on February 11, 2006  · 

A lot of people and entrepreneurs are watching the FON process with huge sympathy. Moreover, there is a special recognition to the unique idea of using a blog as a vehicle to create a booming entity.

Great part of initiatives are failing every day just because entrepreneurs and inventors cannot alert venture capital investors about their existence. Normally, they do not have contacts with the formal press or worst; do not have a chance to broadcast their visions in fancy media reports.

When somebody visits “the blog of an entrepreneur” –and this is the case, surely is aware of what kind of material will be available there. Martin Varzavsky is demonstrating that blogs can be a much powerful tool to create value than web sites and traditional media resources.

Fon deserves to be imitated. Wall Street Journal should investigate more about other flourishing blogs.

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Martín Varsavsky on February 12, 2006  · 

Hi Hernan,

We are subsidizing the FON routers so far. We buy them for around $50 and sell them for half of that, as we want to promote that there be foneros around the world.


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