5) To port Fon to VX Works and Supertask

6) To Find a way that when laptops and other gadgets detect FON, they stay with Fon even when Fon is a relatively weak signal. This client should also distinguish open networks from locked networks and, should their not be any FON networks around, they should to attempt to connect to open networks.

7) To automatically authenticate all sorts of gadgets in a quick and safe manner to the FON network without need of browsers.

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William on June 16, 2006  · 

Porting FON to VxWorks is not very easy since each router running VxWorks has a particular software architecture, contrarily to Linux systems. The point of adding the FON service to existing or new equipments is that there is a demand for such a feature.

#6 Such a software would be really nice not least, because the Wi-Fi assistant of Microsoft Windows is not good.

#7 This is something important since if there is no use of the network, nobody will help maintaining the network. Phones, Cameras, game consoles need to be able to authenticate on the FON network.



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Steve on June 16, 2006  · 

#7 should be a priority!

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gerhard on June 16, 2006  · 

How to realize? All Gadget had to be registered with their MAC adresses in a database – and directed to a Fonero.
When logging in, the fon router-firmware must detect, that this is not a browser, has to ask the FON:Gadget:database and accept or reject the gadget. so no manual action should be possible. isn´t it?

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hombrelobo on June 17, 2006  · 

Martín, I think you will find this article interesting. Talks about Wigle, a massive user contibuted WIFI database, and the hack to convert all the point into KML files so they show up in Google Earth:

No FON spots in Wigle as far as I can tell, by the way, but you can probably pass on to their system all of them, I guess.

Oh, I also want a Nokia N80 !!!!! 😀

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