Fon and Planex reached an agreement today for Planex to add the Fon firmware in their routers and make them Fon ready. We chose Planex because we found it to be an extremely creative company. Their CEO, Katsu Kubota, a race car driver and I played a little game during our meeting. I asked Katsu to define Planex in one word and he asked me to define Fon in one word. I said WiFi Community. He said speed. I liked speed and quickly thereafter we signed our agreement. Planex has very cool products, they have a wifi router that connects to a wifi camera with motion detectors that they can make Fon ready. They also have a wifi hub that allows you to have an external hard drive, a network drive and connect printers to it, that also will be Fon ready. I disclose to Katsu my idea of creating the Fon Downloader, a router that can be connected to an external hard drive and run itunes, azureus, bit torrent without a need of tying up your laptop´s CPU, wifi and hard drive. He loved it, he found this to be an original idea and a killer applications. He will work on it.

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