FON Japan has helped Panasonic to FON-enable its latest Skype WiFi phone set, making it possible for its users to easily connect to any FON Spot and call for free or very low rates using Skype.

The phone is on sale in Japan and comes with a WiFi router to use at home. But what is more interesting for Foneros is that it can be conveniently used as a Skype phone even outside your home as it automatically connects to any FON signal when one is detected. Users enter their FON login and password during the initial configuration and the phone will store them to easily connect to any FON Spot.


Foneros living in Tokyo, where we recently reached 80% coverage, should be particularly interested as the combination of this nice WiFi device and FON could help them save a lot when calling outside of their homes. Bring your Skype phone with you and make free calls connecting to any FON Spot in Tokyo, including 2.200 Livedoor access points in great locations.

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Jose Antonio Lopez Arquelladas on March 8, 2008  · 

Por favor avisa cuando llegue a España!. Bueno imagino que lo dirás nada mas llegue!.


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Enrique Burgos on March 9, 2008  · 

Always japan, france, uk…and SPAIN??When??

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steven on March 9, 2008  · 

This device is allready 1 year on the market…
It probably has not enough sales due to competition with the Belkin/Linksys skype phone which sells cheaper…
I haven’t yet found any “network” connectivity in hotels…or it’s free wifi; or it’s a television connected to such an internet.
Or it’s a dialup line. If it’s “free wifi” I have sometimes a login screen which can not be used with such devices 🙁

it would have been nice if this panasonic router, small as it is, supported fon_ap as well;
now these people need to buy an additional fonera as well

it looks like the idea is to use the phone between the home & hotel on several “fon” hotspots…or… “livedoor” locations for the next few months that this action is running?

I read a review that the phone is light…and has no big extended battery life as well?

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nina on March 10, 2008  · 

Hi Steven, the product has been on the market for about a year in the US and in some European countries, but this is the first that comes FON-enabled.
I agree it would be ideal if the Panasonic router already came FON-ready. Perhaps it’s already under discussion.

In any case, this router/handset combo is good for frequent travelers. It is basically a travel set, whereby a user can use the router at home and also travel with it for usage in hotels. At the same time, it connects automatically to FON Spots, enhancing usability on the go.

Like you mentioned, the phone is extremely light, weighing approx. 100g, but battery life is very good.
It lasts good 55 hours at standby and 4.5 hours for communication.
Some other attractive features include original countermeasures implemented against wireless frequency interference, thereby ensuring high quality voice communication, hands-free communication with speaker phones and conference call capabilities.

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ENGLISH ONE on March 17, 2008  · 


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Robert on March 30, 2008  · 

Regarding Japan.

Indeed there is quite a lot of LIVEDOOR FON spots in Tokyo, but when I try to connect my Logitec phone crashes every time.
I tried at few different LIVEDOOR FON spots, same behaviour. The phone crashes and reboots during FON authentication.
My phone works fine with my various routers (FON and non-FON) and other non-LIVEDOOR, FON and non-FON routers I found in Tokyo. (My Logitec is on latest firmware.)
So I looks like the problem is only with LIVEDOOR FON routers. It’s a shame. I hope it will be fixed :).


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Regi on April 1, 2008  · 

Robert ,]I have the sme problem with livedoor. When I found a Fon spot, it works, but the livedoor goes back to the sign in screen ever.

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Chinarut on May 21, 2008  · 

Hi! I’m in Tokyo right now and couldn’t find this router/handset combo right off the bat.

What I’d really like is to connect with those of you in Tokyo who have already done a lot of legwork in this area. Is there a forum you guys chat in? Love to share and exchange discoveries as well!

If you could post a link to the forum (or perhaps even an IRC channel!) – this would be great!

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drummerdude on July 8, 2008  · 

How will this phone benefit people in the United States. I contacted Panasonic, questioning them about this phone and they responded with:

“Thank you for your interest in Panasonic products.

The KXWP1050 unit is a WI-FI phone for Skype that is available in the
United States. To obtain additional information about the recommended
product and other Panasonic telephone products, you can visit this site:

We cannot guarantee that a dealer is carrying the product you are
requesting. However, we have provided dealers in your area where you can
check for the product.

OFFICE DEPOT ***-***-****

STAPLES ***-***-****

You may also contact the support line for the Panasonic online store by
calling (800)-405-0652 or you may send your message to:

We hope this information is helpful to you

Thank You,
Panasonic Consumer Support”

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Chinarut on July 9, 2008  · 

The email support staff in Japan was kind to give me this link:

I have not had someone fluent in Japanese go through this in detail – if anyone makes any progress on this front – please do share what happens!

now whether or not this unit is dual-voltage, I would like to know.

assuming it is, it will be useful no matter where you are in the world wherever FON networks exist!

that said, I still find FON networks sparse here in Tokyo in general – if someone has a different experience to report first-hand – please do.

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Bodybuilder Forums on August 31, 2008  · 

Por favor avisa cuando llegue a España!. Bueno imagino que lo dirás nada mas llegue!.

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