I have been reading articles on FON that call us the P2P of WiFi or the Napster of WiFi. What these writers fail to understand is that my whole career was built in the ISP world having started Viatel, Jazztel and Ya.com and that I created FON as a way to build a global wifi network and boost ISP revenue. FON is great for ISPs because FON pays for all the incremental costs of roaming to the ISP, because an ISP can sell an extra feature to a customer (pay for bandwidth at home have bandwidth all over the world) at no cost to them, and because when we make revenues from aliens (non foneros) we share it with the ISPs. ISPs are seating on potential extra revenue that FON untaps for them. Indeed if you are reading this and work for an ISP please contact us and we will explain to you all the advantages of making your ISP FON ready.

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