This TV clip on Fon explains what we do reasonably well. The person interviewed is Joanna Rees, our fonera leader in the States aka USA.

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Gubatron on December 20, 2007  · 

Any plans for Fon – WiMax?

With a couple of users with WiMax Foneras in my block we’d cover all of williamsburg and greenpoint.

It’d be awesome to see evolve to some sort of Wifi+Wimax hibryd solution before the big guys start charging for Wimax.

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steven on December 26, 2007  · 

if you want to cover your region using wimax then please join the auction of the 700mhz “wimax” band. But beware your competitors are Google, Microsoft and many others!….
Only the Wifi band is free for everybody…Not the Wimax band.
You can get a “wimax” modem in the future, just like you have an adsl or cable modem now and connect it to your “internet” connection of your fonera and let people use your wimax connection for “free” as they do now for adsl/cable.

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Keala on January 31, 2008  · 

I have a fon that I got back in August. I am not too far from one of your fon’s too.

However, whenever I look at my fon from someplace else, it says my router is turned off. I leave it on during the day.

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