The cafe´s name was Kafka. There were around 40 bloggers and journalists there. Kafka made me feel at home, the pictures of Che Guevara behind him even more so, and in the sign for the men´s toilet was a picture of Woody Allen, another idol. So here I was surrounded by very familiar faces in a country that is as far from my native Argentina as it can possibly be and yet so close.

The Taiwanese are very, very Linus. Surprisingly the mainland Chinese seem to be more Bills. What a paradox here. In any case they had tough questions for me vis a vis Fon. In the end I got the sense that the Fon movement, that started tonight in Taipei, will be a big success. But the Taiwanese did their due dilligence. I did not mind answering 4 hours of questions. It was all worth it. I also found people from the Open Source movement very interested in developing applications for the fonosphere. I said we would fund cool projects. Same with hardware vendors. Wifi Phones, wifi TVs, wifi radios, wifi games, this is hardware Mecca.

Afterwards we met with Accton and I proposed that we expand the memory of la fonera, our custom made social router to 8MB of flash so hackers can play with it. Now it´s 4MB. We are looking into this possibility. We are also looking at a USB port to add external memory to the mini linux computer router. Can you think what to do with this? Could we include a Bit Torrent client in it for example so your router is bit torrenting to and from your 60gb hard drive while you are at work…with your laptop?

There are many other bloggers covering the event. I will try to link to those in English and some in Chinese as well for those who understand it. In the meantime, thank you YK from Accton! You were great!

This is a blog made to promote the event (chinese) and this one to spread the voice (english and chinese)

Here’s blogger’s Ilya Lee presentation (english).

Here you can see some pictures from the event and from the party we had later. Also blogger Ching Chiao took some pictures.

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