FON is all about user-generated infrastructure. In order to promote the FON community in Germany, FON is giving several hundred routers for FREE to some cities. We will start in Munich with 300 Routers that will be given to people who want to become FONeros and live in certain downtown areas: business district, pedestrian zone or around the University.

To achieve a good density of FON WiFi signal within these specific areas, we have selected 4 postcodes and will give away free promotional FON routers. The postcodes in Munich are 80331, 80333, 80799 and 80469.

If you happen to live there and want to share your DSL connection with all the Foneros worldwide and roam the world for free, send an email including your Family Name, First Name, Street, Zip Code and your phone number so we can contact you.

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Stephan on June 6, 2006  · 

Are there any test results of a meshed fon-router setup?

I ask, because I can’t imagine, that I will have low latency 3 or 4 fon-box-hops away from the guy with the big dsl-connection. I think of saving resources, saving some amount of DSLAMs, saving some roadworks.

If we think about user built infrastructure, I imagine some ecological benefits, but only, if the quality will fit the high expectations of the users.

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Neok on June 6, 2006  · 

Why Munich? For me, Berlin is much more a Fonero city than Munich, much more dynamic and in state of continual change… Like FON!

I was wondering why you put German HQ there as well. Is it because of many tech companies being present there? Skilled workforce? But hey you have to start somewhere.

Good luck and c u Berlin.

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Florin on June 12, 2006  · 

wow – for free…! that sounds good. let me know if you need some support to do the same in Switzerland or in Austria!

most of our blogs on th platform are free riders and we are proud that these days we are launching a really new service called BLOGR, check out – for free as well!

as you are THE Pro Blogger in the spanish blogosfera, I would kindly ask to spread the word about

thank you!

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Kathy on August 18, 2006  · 

Well, do you plan to start this in Cyprus as well?
We would definitely try the FON in Cyprus and recommend all villa owners to join the campaign since we are running a travel agency in Cyprus dealing with villas for rent in Cyprus

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Jim on August 31, 2007  · 

Would you be interested in doing this in San Diego, CA? I impressed with your service and the concept.

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