LLeida is now the second Spanish FON city after Malaga and there are more coming. Yesterday I had an announcement with the mayor that went very well. I have met with many mayors since I started FON but never with a mayor who was also a tech geek. Lleida’s mayor is the former CTO of Madrid and Barcelona and he teaches Computer Science at the local University. It was a pleasure to announce that he had already FON enabled 40 public buildings.

Our method? Very simple, we give La Foneras out for free to the City Administrations and citizens buy their own La Foneras. We also give La Foneras for free to underprivileged citizens.

Here you can find some links to the Spanish media covering the news (in Spanish)

El Mundo (Ed. Cataluña)

El Punt

El Periódico de Cataluña

El País (Ed. Cataluña)


Expansión de Cataluña

La Mañana

La Vanguardia

Metre Directe

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