FON, my company, is building the largest wifi hotspot network in the world. But, as opposed to T-Mobile or others, FON relies on private users to download our software into their routers or buy our plug and play routers with our formula of “share some bandwidth at home and roam the world for free” (the Linus model), or “share some bandwidth at home and get paid for it” (the Bill model).

When I thought of the bills and the linuses I did not have in mind that one day I would meet the real BILLS. Well, yesterday I did. I was at the Microsoft HQ presenting FON to a group of top managers at the company and, frankly, I was impressed. Very impressed. As I previously said, I believe that it is not only for sharing wifi that the world needs Bills and Linuses. It is my belief that the two models, the socialist and the capitalist are needed to change the world. Capitalism alone leads to a brutal and unstable society. Socialism alone leads to stagnation.

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Bashful on April 9, 2006  · 

You were totally impressed by presenting Fon? Amazing.

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