Today is my lucky day. I won the FON German Lottery. This is how it works. When we launch a new country at FON all employees chip in with 3 euros each and we individually guess how many FONeros we will get in a certain amount of time. We do this for fun, but we also do it cause we have found that our collective knowledge is a good guess of what is actually going to happen.

So this time the FON Lottery called “la Porra Alemana” had each one of us guessing how many new German and Austrian FONeros we were going to get between Oct 19th and midnight tonight. I don´t know how many of us gambled, but I think we must have been over 30. And even though our target for these countries was 4500 –which were the number of access points that T Mobile has in Germany– in my usual optimistic self I said 10K and I was one of the highest guesses.

We do have a few hours to go until midnight, but our projections show that we will have received orders of slightly over 10,000 Foneras by midnight. In this case collective knowledge was way too conservative. So what happens when you win at FON? You can either keep the money or invite everyone for a beer and no, I am not keeping the $…

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