Right now FON is only router based. We chose routers as people tend to leave routers always on. So we are happy with our solution. But occasionally I can see how foneros may want to share wifi through their laptops. So we would like to launch another FON modality and that is those of laptops who become FON hotspots. As you may know I am not a programmer. If anything I am a dreamer at FON, probably the Chief Corporate Dreamer. So this is what I am dreaming from the little I know about laptops. This is an invitation for developers out there to send us proposed solutions with their budgets so these ideas can become a reality.

There are three main kinds of laptops, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mac laptops are great for FON as they already have a built in functionality that turns them into hotspots when they receive internet over lan or 3G. What we need here is a download that turns them into FON hotspots.

Linux laptops are great for FON cause our two software developments openwrt and ddwrt are linux based. But the problem is that not all of them become hotspots. I need more information on this, on how Linux based laptops could become FON hotspots.

Windows based laptops are even more challenging as our software is in Linux. But maybe somebody out there can think of a solution.

And lastly none of this laptops can become hotspots when they use their radio to get wifi signal, so I am interested in FON selling a USB wifi pen drive that turns this laptops into hotspots through the pen drive, so they get wifi normally but they emit wifi through the pen drive.

If you have any ideas along these lines please write to me.

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