In this short video clip I announce that at Fon we launched the Fonera today in Europe and USA, Asia is coming soon.

If you can´t see the video, please try here

Interestingly this video was shot with a Nokia N80 (disclosure I am on Nokia´s Internet Board) and sent over wifi to a Fonera (disclosure I am the CEO of Fon) which automatically posted the clip in VPOD (disclosure I am an investor in which is then linked to my blog which is in Moveable Type (disclosure, two good friends of mine Loic Le Meur and Joichi Ito who are partners in Six Apart well known bloggers and members of the Japan and French Fon boards).

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Nadim Saad on September 18, 2006  · 

Hi Martín,

Congratulations on this new launch! It looks very sleek (saw it on the FON website)! I don’t know if it’s just my browser (IE) but I can’t see your video clip, could you please repost?


PS: I don’t understand why you need to disclose all this while you’ve already disclosed it in your blog previously (but I’m sure you already check with your lawyer) 🙂

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molgar on September 18, 2006  · 

5$/€ if you haven’t previously purchased a Linksys router from fon. If you have, it goes up to 50$/€ afaik.

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greggles on September 18, 2006  · 

The video clip worked fine for me.

This is great news – having a WPA protected private side is a very nice feature.

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jennifer on September 18, 2006  · 

It looks like a great product!

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jeenio on September 18, 2006  · 

oh, darn, I JUST bought my linksys router! I could’ve waited a bit longer…

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Computer Forums on September 18, 2006  · 

I purchased my Linksys router yesterday 🙁

Will the people with Linksys routers be able to get a firmware upgrade that supports the new features?

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olivier2point0 on September 19, 2006  · 

It looks good. It sounds good. You deal it @ a fair price. I m’in ; let’s start to rock our wifi access now !

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Peter on September 19, 2006  · 

Do you have any details on the product? Eg. is this a full-blown DSL-router with configurable firewall, port forwarding etc.? Which of 802.11 a/b/g/n does it support? Are public & private users in the same LAN address space (security…)? I’m sure many people would appreciate some technical details…

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Juergen on September 19, 2006  · 

Unfortunately, the video sound does not play on Apple’s Safari browsers 🙁
Congratulations. Would be nice if you could post some specs of La Fonera.

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Harish Mallipeddi on September 19, 2006  · 

When are you going to ship to Singapore? I see that you do ship to Korea currently!

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Eric N on September 20, 2006  · 

25$ for shipping? You’ve got to be fricking kidding me.

Good luck with this service. I’ll pass.

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Hans-Peter Bock on September 21, 2006  · 

Hello Martin,

I have looked at the La Fonera in the webshop.

Where are these promised features?

* USB-Port
* BitTorrent-Client

And why does it only have one Ethernet-Port???

Best regards, Hans-Peter

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Martin Varsavsky on September 22, 2006  · 


We have not promised those features for La Fonera, it´s a confusion. Those are coming in the FON Liberator that will be released in December.


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Hans-Peter Bock on September 25, 2006  · 

Hello Martin,

aah, ok! Then I am looking forward to the FON Liberator!

Thank you for this information!

Best regards, Hans-peter

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Pedro on October 4, 2006  · 

I recently bought a la fonera. Its great!
However, I’m in need of a linksys router because of the extra 4 ports. Does anyone want to exchange? If so, please contact me via



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J on November 16, 2006  · 

could you also post the Google Homepage button on your website? Some of us don’t use Yahoo, but Google and Google Reader. Thanks.

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Martin Varsavsky on November 16, 2006  · 

Thanks J, we will do that!

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