Martin Varsavsky wrote:
> The idea is this, let´s say you are my son Tom, playing with the PSP
> and u go to the kitchen where there is one fonspot from your bedroom
> where there´s another one, and u r playing a wifi multiplayer game…. how
> can u disconnect from the bedroom fonspot and enter the kitchen
> fonspot without interrupting the game?

That is definitely mobility. If the game is IPv4-only then you will need to support Mobile IPv4 for this to work; if the game is IPv6 capable (usually they then also support IPv4) then one can go the IPv6 route.

There is a very simple way to solve this though which I use daily:
AYIYA as described on
This is also what the SixXS IPv6 broker uses. But that doesn’t involve changes in the Fonera box, it requires that the PSP supports it. If you want to solve this in the Fonera box then you would need to assign a unique IP address to every host you find (globally) behind every Fonera box and then you could maybe move that IP around with loads of magic between the Fonera boxes, thus more a hand-over protocol. The big problem with this though is that most likely the upstream is quite different per Fonera box and as such latency can become quite bad. It would also require Fon to get their own address space to be able to do this. has it a little bit see slide
35/36 of: or
for a diagram.

As such there are two ways to really solve it, as these two don’t require changes in the endhost:

1) Add IPv4 mobility support to the La Fonera box
= This covers IPv4 games/VoIP etc
– Home Agent is *always* in the middle
2) Add IPv6 mobility support to the La Fonera box
= This covers IPv6 games/VoIP etc
+ Hosts talk directly to each other (no intermediate required)
– Requires IPv6 support (which will be handy at some point anyway)


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