Here´s a Fonero from Barcelona, whose office is in Torre Mapfre and who has installed a Fonera and is now providing free WiFi to all the foneros who are nearby, especially the ones who stay at the Arts Hotel. The Arts Hotel is one of my favorite in Barcelona, I strongly recommend it. It is expensive though!

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Yffic on January 19, 2007  · 

New Skype Tariffs :

Hi Martin,

you know the Skype people. Tell them their new SkypePro tariffs suck !!! And all comments on the forums go the same way.

My example : Belgium
SkypePro : 0,02 VAT in/min with a very poor quality of sound
Tele2landline : 0,024 VAT in/min with a very good quality

I don’t hesitate. I forget about SkypeOut.

Please tell them they make themselves ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yffic (a belgian working for an IT Madrilenan company)

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tiberiofonero on January 20, 2007  · 

I recommend you to use

Best regards

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