I was interviewed by Tim Pritlove from Chaos Radio. Since I launched FON, I have been giving many interviews. And in this time, Tim conducted the interview so well, that I felt thankful. His questions permitted create the perfect atmosphere for me to explain FON into great and precise detail.

He first asked “What’s FON”. We then chatted about linus, Linksys firmware, Brainslayer, Ejovi our USA Fonero Leader, Wimax, WiFi gadgets, ISPs, the German market, Google and Skype, WiFi city projects… I think both of us contributed to make this podcast valuable for people to really understand and get to know FON.

If you already know Chaos Radio, you may also be familiar with Chaos Computer Club (CCC). It’s a global community with about 1.500 members from eleven German cities and many other countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands.

They fight against any form of censorship, promote freedom of information and communication. As stated on their website, CCC considers itself a communication platform for Hackers and for those who want to become Hackers. Their philosophy is to study the social and individual impact of Technologies. But overall, the Hackers Ethics posted on their site is fascinating to read. Knowing Tim and thinking about other Chaos team members, I look at their ethics as an Honour Code.

Hacker Ethics promotes making public data available while protecting private data, as well as decentralizing information. But the most “romantic” ethic in the Hacker Ethics is that one can create art and beauty on a computer, thus changing one’s life for better.

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