I just found out that there are many Fonspots that are lost. Namely that we know they exist but we don´t know where they are. And by many I mean around 70K of those. And that´s a lot of Fonspots. How can this be? Well, people get the Foneras, plug them, use them as wifi routers but they don´t tell the Fonero community where they are. Or they try to tell the fonero community where they are but our software fails to geolocalize them. This is unfortunately quite common. Now those Foneras work very well and other Foneros, if they find them, can connect to them. But neither can the owners of those Foneras roam the world for free nor can Foneros find the signal. In order to fix the problem of the ghost Fonspots we will start communicating with the non geolocalized Foneros soon. We will also start a program by which if Foneros find these “ghost” Fonspots that they place them in our maps. Probably we will also ask foneros to report open wifi hotspots in our maps as well. We are looking at the pros and cons of doing this. On the positive side there is more coverage, Fon or open. On the negative side somebody may have their wifi open but may not want others to use it so if we do end up including open wifi as reported by foneros in our maps we will include warnings on this regard. But one way or another we have to find a way to bring many more fonspots into our maps.

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