The Fonera will have 4MB of free memory for developers to hack it and add their programs. The future foneras will have also USB for external memories uploading and downloading but also for all sorts of USB connected gadgets. There are USB motion detectors (when there´s movement in your house the fonera sends you an e mail), there are USB Bluetooth devices (you can pair your bluetooth devices with Fon or offer a bluetooth based Fon). We are also looking at audio input/output like the Airport Express and regular phone plugs so you can do VOIP for regular phones. So far USB, audio, regular phone jacks, and Bluetooth seem to be preferred as enhancements. We thought of adding a large hard drive but then why pay people pay for what most already have. USB and external hard drive seems to be better to keep the price of the fonera very low.

And we are continuing with our policy of licensing our brand and systems at no charge to hardware makers so they can make their gadgets Fon ready.

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Davide on June 18, 2006  · 

a bunch of great ideas, go ahead!

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Tom Blandford on June 19, 2006  · 

Why have a hard drive (external or not) on the router? Is it to act as the equivalent of a server so users can access their files online from outside the home?

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Martín Varsavsky on June 20, 2006  · 


Mainly it is so you can upload and download into an external drive from flickr, youtube, itunes, limewire, bittorrent, etc, etc, but I guess it can also act as a network server for you as well a la


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Tjarko Rookmaker on June 27, 2006  · 

I think FON should offer more functuonalto their network,like usb audio phone and bluetooth

Currently we’re beta testing a next generation mobile phone killer application. This is a PC-connected telecom switch designed for social networks like FON, allowing free long distance calls (landline & mobile) including voice mail, message recording and monitoring features.

This service allows users to make worldwide phonecalls (landlines & mobile) at local cost-rate. Ultimate goal is to avoid & eliminate roaming between telco’s

Such an embedded functionality could be the ultimate breaktrough a global FON presence.

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Martín Varsavsky on June 29, 2006  · 


We will add a USB port and more RAM and FLASH by the end of the year in a more expensive Fonera version, the Fon Downloader. This one will probably cost 50 euros, still very reasonable.


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Bardo Nelgen on July 3, 2006  · 

Hi Martin,

if you are looking for customizable routers with built-in Bluetooth, you may probably want to try these:

I’m not sure if the companies officially sell them anymore (since everyone is into Wi-fi now), but maybe you’ll give it a try… 😉

On your ideas with Bluetooth phones: Do some early tests first. We’ve been workin’ on a similar concept some time ago and found that unfortunately (and obviously for power saving reasons) the built-in Bluetooth-modules of phones are often too weak (‘class 3’) to do something serious with them.

Best Wishes,


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