Here are some pictures of the Foneras being produced. They will hit the market in September. The key feature of these Foneras is that they give out two SSIDs, two networks, one if FON´s and the other is called “My Place” and has a key that the FONero can share with his family and friends.


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killy-the-frog on August 28, 2006  · 

How much get the employees per months ?
Hope they get more than what Chinese factory workers usually get…

Otherwise, happy to see that FON is develloping.

88 (=ba ba in chinese, sound a little like bye bye, it is “Chinese internet language” 😉 )

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PanMan on August 29, 2006  · 

Is there still also a new firmware for the Linksys planned, or do we (the first movers of Fon) need another hotspot for these functions?

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DarkFader on September 3, 2006  · 

I would suggest to give out a free Fonera to Fonero’s that do not have open AP’s in their neighborhood 🙂
Just run some sniffing script to gather information.

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