Got the initial figures. They are amazing. We made more foneros in one day, yesterday, than since we started the company. As of last night we had close to 9000 registered foneros. To give you a sense of what this is the largest wifi hotspot networks in the world have around 25,000 hotspots. We got 5000 registrations in one day and sold over 3000 fon routers. Our plan for 2006 is to be the largest hotspot network in the world. We are getting there. I take an opportunity here to thank the Spanish FON team, to thank Janus and Niklas from Skype, to thank the Google team, especially Megan and Christopher, to thank Mike from Cisco, Danny from Index Ventures, Mark and Mike from Sequoia, to thank our American advisory board for all the tough yet constructive criticism, to thank the blogosphere whose comments both positive and negative help us be a better company, and to thank all of those who became foneros and believe that a global, unified wifi signal can be of great benefit to all. THANK YOU!!!

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