I am not saying I am bored at FON because there are tons of exciting things going on, but let’s say that I have a hard time keeping my creative impulses under control. So after drowing FON Madrid with development projects, I created FON Labs in Barcelona to continue developing crazy ideas, one after the other. Some we developed on our own, others we found and modified. We started with Gspace. Gspace is a Firefox extension that creates a mirror of your hard drive on the internet using Gmail for storage. This was one of the “found and modified” type of projects. I found it, bought it, and we have developers improving it. This extension is hugely successful, we are getting around 7000 downloads per day. In the last week we added 2 more. GmailUploader a web site that collects your emails from other accounts and sends them to Gmail. This started as a personal tool I needed to upload my old emails into Gmail. I was amazed to see that Google did not offer a tool like this since the key to Gmail is search, but there’s nothing to search when you start a new Gmail account as your old emails are not there. Another tool we just deployed is Fon.gs. Fon.gs is like a TinyURL whose URLs you can remember. Fon.gs is a way to create domains that are memorable and more importantly, Free like www.fon.gs/empirestate. We also created APIs so other sites can use the Fon Get Simple too,l as we call it, to work in their sites.

Another tool that has been very successful is the FONspot. We have had over 5000 downloads of this software that turns a Mac or a Linux PC into a FONspot. This is good for people who have flat data plans or are connected to an ethernet cable and want to give WiFi access to others for free or in order to partly cover their connection costs.

And soon we are releasing Fonwit. Fonwit is a tool that we will put out shortly that blends Skype and Google capabilities. More to follow.

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